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My name is Juno…Welcome to my Purrfect World


Hi…thanks for calling by my blog. I am writing this with the help of    my   Pet-Human Carol. She is employed as my secretary and photo  editor.

She will answer any emails or queries you may have. You will hear her  voice in some of my videos as I direct her in which of my Stories I      would like to tell you. Click over on the left there for the blog entries    for the month.

I  was born on the 12th December 2010 and I know that some people    will question why I am starting to blog when I am not quite 7 weeks    old.

Well the thing is, we are living in  times where catastrophes seem  more common and we need as many catalysts for change as possible  so this Cat is putting up their paw to bring some good stories and  nibbles of advice to the world.

My Purrrfect World.


You will be  surprised what us Cats know about how to live a happy life…

Please don’t be fooled by my astonishingly good looks and assume I  am all beauty and no brains! Behind these topaz-grey eyes is the  genetic connection to the Great Cats of  all Time… From the Cat  Goddess Baste to the fearless felines who pulled the Goddess  Freya’s  chariot through the Heavens and my Sisters and Brothers from other  Mothers in the Black Cat kingdoms of Magic and Mystery…we are all  only ever a whiskers away form sharing our secrets and purrrtenant  insights with one another…and now with you.


So enjoy my occassional blogs and if at any time in any way I make you smile or laugh or you learn something new…purrrlease consider  transferring those golden moments into practical action and donate to  your local cat shelter because so many of my family are in dire needs  of the kind of loving home I have chosen for my newest time on  Earth….

Please use the comments section as I will be accepting questions for  discussion and feedback.

Yours sincerely


Formal title:  Junipurr Rose Omer-Salomon

Son of   Tiki  (Mother)

Big Tom Cat up the Street who has been hanging round lately.   (Father)


One Response to “My name is Juno…Welcome to my Purrfect World”

  1. angelina said

    Welcome to blogging. You are totally cute, cuddly and adorable looking.

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